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Today, our team of paid essay writers want to talk about photography. In our times, there are endless debates about whether we can consider a photography as an art, or it is only the source of its achievement, all the same as, for example, canvas and paint?

So consider this: For photography to have its place in the world of Art, it must have within it that quality of having been achieved by the hand of a competent Artist, along with the hand of a technically competent photographer. Photography is an art that took many years and efforts of many individuals to perfect.

Many different people in many different fields contributed to this light writing. Chemists, artists, inventors, and engineers all lending a crafting hand to the art.

Impact of Photography and Film on Art. To explore how photography and film have changed our notion of art, we must elude to Walter Benjamins essay, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Essay on Photography The Path to Art If asked, ones interpretation of what classifies as forms of art may vary from visual arts, to literary arts, based on ones individual opinion. These opinions are produced through the influence of ones individual lifestyle and society in which they live.

Photography and Art In the United States today, technology is allimportant to a great deal of the population, whether it is a means of communication or Reflections on Photography and Artconsists of essays, a format that allows me a much freer approach to the content of each piece.

As we will see in the series, feeling free to create is one of the sine qua non conditions for practicing photography as art. The sort of photography I view as art is the kind of work that has clearly had thought put into it, and in which both technical and artistic skills is evident.

The most stunning portrait and landscape shots have clearly not just been snapped with a camera phone. Custom Why Photography is Art Essay Writing Service Why Photography is Art Essay samples, help Light creates visibility, light creates energy and the very same light creates aesthetic art.

Photography, in simple words, is a painting done by light. Photography has become the catalyst for social and cultural memory and a tool for scientific advancement. The world owes a great deal to the early inventors of the latent image for their patience and skill, for without photography one might consider the world an unmemorable place.

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