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This One Resume Tip Could Get You The Job You Want By Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NCBC Nursing resumes havent changed that much over the last few decades, but there is one major flaw that many nurses overlook in their resumes.

Resume Samples Resume Objective Nursing Resume Objective ICU Nurse Resume Objective ICU Nurse Job Job Description: Working in the night shift as required. How can the answer be improved? Intensive Care UnitICU RN Resume Objective. As a registered nurse (RN) in an intensive care unit (ICU) your responsibilities may include assessing patient health needs, maintaining medical records, administering care to patients and developing and implementing nurse care plans.

Critical Care Nurse. Provided critical care nursing in the Surgical Intensive Care Units. Patients included both acutely and chronically ill patients who were sp (Status Post) general surgery and had undergone complex surgical procedures.

Responsible for continuous monitoring and assessment of assigned patients. ICU Nurse Resume. Resume; Nursing Resume; ICU Nurse Resume; As an ICU nurse, every minor and major act that you perform to revive a patient in the critical care unit becomes a determining factor between life and death. Similarly, when you are applying for the job, the same sorts of efforts if you can put in drafting a resume can help in

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