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MHRA Referencing Tutorial. An example: Page 2 of 2: Aims of this tutorial How to use this tutorial What is citing and referencing? An example Why is it important to cite references? Activity 1 When should I cite? When should I cite? References should be given for 'all direct or indirect quotations, MHRA is a referencing style produced by the Modern Humanities Research Association.

Its the required your essay). All the sources you have used, whether you've cited them in the text or not, should also be cover all of them. For example: What is MHRA referencing? MHRA referencing is a style of referencing developed by the Modern Humanities Research Association. It is intended primarily for use in connection with books and journals published by the Association but is also used in a wider context by students.

The third edition of the MHRA Style Guide is available to purchase in 1 Referencing Guide: The MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) Style Prepared by J Harper, Templeman Library This document will give you basic guidelines on how to reference material Example Michael Schmidt, Tragedy of Three StarCrossed Lovers, Daily Telegraph, 1 February 1990, p.

14. Example later footnote Schmidt, p. 14. If you refer to more than one item by Schmidt in your essay include the article title in the later footnote e.

g. Schmidt, Tragedy of Three StarCrossed Lovers, p. 14. The MHRA guide recommends using the format: Author, Title of Essay, in Title of Book, ed. by Editors Name (publication details), pp. xy. Some people prefer to use MHRA STYLE At all levels, undergraduate, postgraduate and staff, the Department recommends the use of the conventions set out in the current Modern Humanities Research Association Style Book. This can be bought from booksellers or consulted in the Library.

The following summarises the main points of MHRA style that you should MHRA Referencing Guide MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) is commonly used in arts and humanities subjects. It is stylistically very similar to MLA referencing, but with a few critical differences.

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