How to write a bequest letter

Writing a Will: Including an Explanatory Letter. personal statements, or reasons for making or not making a bequest, you risk the possibility of producing a document with conflicting, confusing or possibly even illegal provisions. Get specific examples for writing your letter in How to Write an Explanatory Letter.

Is the bequest of a specific amount of cash, a particular property, a percentage of the estate, all or part of the residue of the estate, or some combination?

The type of thanks should be appropriate for the size of the gift and may include a handwritten letter from the president, your most recent annual report or other information about Sample Bequest Language. Declaration of Support Letter. Please send signed Declaration of Support Letters to your local Society Estate and Asset Services Director so that we may project future gifts that will help Write a final bequest paragraph that leaves the rest, residue and remainder of your estate any funds or personal property left over after the other specific bequests have been fulfilled to a person or organization of your choosing.

If you do so, it also makes sense to leave a letter to assist your chosen executor to locate Bequest Letter and Enclosures You can respond to requests for general information about making a bequest to your organization by adapting and sending the cover letter and enclosures found in sequence in this section. Bequest Sample Letter. Name Address Date. Dear XXXX, Thanks so much for requesting information about how to include (Your Organization) in your will.

for such a letter is to relate the impact a bequest has had on your programs. If youve not had a bequest to highlight, write about another organization transformed through bequest giving.

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