How to write in italics on facebook

You can write italics in Facebook. But currently not all features supports italic writing facility. For example, you can write italic in Facebook notes using HTML tags Some Text that means if you write anything between tags will be written as italic.

But bad news is Facebook chat and wall don't have facility to write text in italics. Its hard to understand why Facebook resists implementing even basic text formatting like bold and italics, actually, but resist it they do, and while you can get these formats in a status update or comment, its rather due to the site supporting the international Unicode standard for more complex languages like Arabic than any generosity on the Use bold and italic in a Facebook content post: There's a cheaty way you can post stuff on FB with bold, underlined, italic text.

You can even style it with lists and quotes. May 12, 2009 is it possible to use Italics on the new facebook chat? What are the updates? italics on facebook chat? is it possible to use Italics on the new facebook chat? if you do write here your writing come up in both bold and underlined D how coool is dat lool P. Hmmmm For years I've been using the Panix Unicode Text Converter to create ironic, weird or simply annoying text effects for use on Twitter, Facebook Post stylized text on Facebook bold, underlined, and italic text.

Even post numbered lists and quotes. All simple and elegant. And you didn't know you could do this. Begin a chat session with one of your Facebook friends. Step. Press" Shift" and" 8" on your keyboard simultaneously to type the asterisk (star) character.

Step. Surround text with asterisk (star) characters to create bold text: what you want in bold. Facebook chat does not support italic characters; you must use underlined text for emphasis instead. The correct way to make text italic is to ignore the problem until you get to the CSS, then style according to presentational semantics. The first two options you provided could be right depending on the circumstances.

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