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ExOffenders: Resources to Assist with the Return to the Workforce. BUILD MY RESUME. The heres a long list of companies that have openly declared their willingness to hire former felons. Your conviction may limit your career options, but it wont prevent you from finding steady, honest work. Our easytouse resume How can the answer be improved?

The type of resume that someone with a felony should create. First things first, when creating a resume for yourself or having someone else create a resume for you, it makes the most sense to make a functional resume. This type of resume emphasizes skills, education, and professional contributions. Remember that a resume for exoffenders and felons must be able to focus on the applicants proficiencies and not on his felony issues.

Search for companies that hire exfelons. It is normal for employers to be wary of hiring an exoffender. This may sound biased, but this is the reality. As for free resume examples, browse through the resume examples section of ResumeHelp (link below). If you are still uneasy, you may consider a professional resume service to help in writing your resume. Exoffenders benefit from resumes that show how they have been rehabilitated. It should also list skills and qualifications. A resume is a document that you use to show your abilities and experiences.

Resume help for felons is really a necessity for ex felons who would like to start a new life by landing a good job opportunity. Check out Oct 17, 2006 It is easy for exoffenders and felons to immediately assume that the reason they are not considered for employment is because the have criminal records. Felons must be able to compete for any job they want By competing I mean have a great resume, interviewing skills and wardrobe.

An exoffender may need special assistance with resume details and relaunching a career after a prison stay. Getting a job as an exoffender may prove to be a challenge, but there are several ways that you can find help.

An exfelon may need special aide with resume details and finding a career after a prison stay. Getting a job as an exfelon may prove to be tough, but there are several ways that you can find help.

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