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Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Changed to 21? Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Changed to 21? 1 January 2017. the legal drinking age has been 18 for many years, why change it now? Many parents of todays teenagers were legally allowed to drink at 18. ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according to your requirements.

A Sample Why is the drinking age 21? Ethan Trex. That answers the legal question, but what was the underlying logic? Who was responsible for lowering the drinking age to 18 for part of the 20th Persuasive Essay Drinking Age in America. Kaylie Doman Essay 1 English 211C The drinking age was moved from 18 to 21 when MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving started to gain popularity. is legal at eighteen. Although it is a matter of perspective, eighteen year olds have to face some fairly big decisions, ones that have more baring Obama Signs Law to Lower Legal Drinking Age to 18 Rumor: President Obama has signed a new law lowering the drinking age to 18.

Fact Checker: David Mikkelson. Published: 8 May 2015. Plagiarism Checker; Essay Topics; Flashcards; Blog; Order Now Log In; We will write a custom essay sample on Lower Drinking Age to 18 specifically for you for only 16. 38 13. 9page. Order now In a 2002 metastudy of the legal drinking age and health and social problems, 72 of the studies found no statistics that related to an increase In the case of the drinking age being lowered to 18 years, the age of individuals who in fact have access to alcohol will decrease even more, reaching ages of 1517 or even less.

Considering the specifics of adolescence, granting teenagers with a wider access to alcohol can have negative consequences for their health and wellbeing. It is evident that the legal drinking age among Americans should be lowered to the legal age of adulthood, 18 years. At this age, any American can marry without their Parents approval and can move out of their guardians house and live on their own.

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