How to write a legislative letter

LetterWriting Tutorial Sample Letter# 1 As a longterm resident of (Name of City or State), I am writing today to express my sincere hope that you will act on behalf of the best interests of your constituents by arguing and, ultimately, voting in favor of the (Name of Legislation) legislation currently under debate. TIPS FOR WRITING, SENDING AN EMAIL OR CALLING A LEGISLATOR Writing a letter to a legislator Use the proper salutation, for example: The Honorable (first name) (last name) Address City, State, Zip code Dear (Assembly Member Senator) (last name) Be courteous and informative in your communication.

Writing to Your Legislators Letters and emails can be particularly effective in influencing legislators' views. Writing to legislators also offers an opportunity to maintain contact and keep your issues on the front burner even when you cannot meet personally.

Writing an Effective Letter Keep it brief Keep letters to one page. Template Letter to a Legislator Senator (Insert name of senator) Senate Bldg Room# City, State, Zip code Dear Senator (NAME), My name is (insert name).

I am an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) in (statejurisdiction). I am writing to request your support for (bill# ). Write to appeal to what Fitch calls the legislators three voices when making a decision; the Heart, Head and Health (political health).

Anticipate opposition. Think of arguments against what you are proposing. Address these in The Importance of Letter Writing. Letter writing is an important and effective tool in legislative grassroots activism.

Meeting and talking in person on the phone is very helpful, but letter writing helps put something concrete in hand that helps you iron out a position or reinforce something you may have talked about. Begin the letter with a short paragraph that describes the issue and the request you are making.

An example of a standard opening sentence is: " I am writing about HB 1234, the Animal Welfare Rights Act, currently before the legislature.

I encourage you to oppose this legislation as written on the grounds that. " Focus on Key Points. More letterwriting tips: Properly address the legislator. See How to address legislators; Be timely. When writing about an imminent vote, make sure the letter gets there before the vote. Your insight wont be much help if the vote was yesterday.

Avoid form letters. Write your letter personally. Adapt sample letters and use your own words. State your reason for writing in the first paragraph of your letter. If you are writing about a specific piece of legislation, include the bill number (S. in the Senate and H. R. in the House of Representatives).

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