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NOAddiction Campaign Essay Contest All high school students. 300 word essay telling why you have chosen to stay away from drugs and alcohol and what you are personally doing to further prevention and awareness in your school and community Construction on this page is always ongoing due to the fact that scholarships and their dates are always changing! ! ! (However, you can google any of them and get the date for this year.

) NOAddiction Campaign Essay Contest Application. Deadline: before Apr 26. Amount: 500. April 30Drug and alcohol prevention: Applications are due for the NOADdiction campaign essay contest, open to students in grades 912 and sponsored by the NOAddiction nonprofit initiative to Fulltime students in grades 612 are invited to enter an essay contest sponsored by the NOADdiction campaign, a nonprofit initiative This essay contest is open to students in middle school and high school.

Only one entry per student. Middle school students can receive savings bonds and high school students college scholarship.

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That doesn't mean you're at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for and winning scholarships.

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