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City, State, Zip Code Date of writing. Mrs Any Person Title Company StreetMailing Address City, State, Zip Code. Dear Mrs Person: Opening paragraph: Tell why you are writing; name the position, field, or general career area about which you are asking. Tell how you heard of the opening or organization. Have your resume reviewed often to check for spelling, grammatical, and formatting inconsistencies.

Meet with a career counselor to have your materials reviewed before applying. How to Format a Resume. Consider the type of position that you are applying for when formatting your resume. Show that you are much more than your resume with a wellwritten cover letter. Use the cover letter as a way to convey your interest in a position and to highlight the unique qualities or experiences to make you stand out from the pack.

Before you begin your job search you will need to develop your cover letters, rsums, and other documents. Once you have written your cover letter andor rsum consider submitting the document for critique to: for the Rsum Critique Service. Check out the list of Career Services Events on the right for upcoming workshops on resume writing, interviewing, networking and other career related topics. Complete Career Guide. Get the Penn State Career Guide from Career Services for many tips and tricks on landing an internship or career.

Resume& Cover Letter Writing The resume is the document that introduces your qualifications to the employer. Because the resume is used by employers to screen applicants, it is important that you spend time in developing a professional resume that will attract the interest of employers and create interview opportunities for you.

Penn State Behrend's Academic and Career Planning Center can provide assistance to students creating resumes and cover letters, including examples and worksheets. The Resume and Cover letter webpage contains Curriculum Vitae tips (CV) and other types of letters to employers. Vault Career Insider Subscription resource free to Penn State students containing guides such as: Vault Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews Vault Guide to Law Resumes (Students must create an account using their Penn State Dont wait until you need Resume cover letter penn state finished polished resume or cover letter to start writing it.

Producing a quality resume, cover letter, or Curriculum Vitae product takes time but it is well worth the investment of time and effort. Your resume is an important vehicle that can earn you an invitation for a job interview. It is an opportunity to present yourself, illustrating your finest attributes and experiences. The resume provides a potential employer with a written portrait of who you are, including your interests, skills, experiences, and achievements.

Plan carefully.

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