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Should You Attend a Small College or Large University? Search the site GO. For Students& Parents. College Admissions Choosing a College College Admissions Process College Profiles College Rankings Application Tips Essay Samples& Tips College Testing Testing Graphs Financial Aid The Pros and Cons of Big and Small Large Colleges versus Small Colleges. When choosing a college, one should take many aspects into consideration. Consider such things as location, majors and minors offered, campus size, sporting events, and student population.

The most important feature is the size of the school and student For many high school seniors, selecting the right college has as much to do with the size of the school as its location and programs. Students often compare the differences in the college experience between small and large schools when making their college pick.

Do you want to be with tens of thousands of classmates, or just a few hundred? Learn about the pros and cons of big vs small colleges here. Are you deciding between big or small colleges?

Should I Go to a Big or Small College? Posted by Samantha Lindsay Aug 15, 2015 5: 00: 00 PM. 15 Strategies to Improve Your SAT Essay. Expert Essay about Big vs Small colleges Big vs. Small College Campus Colleges can be found in every area of the world. The type of college can range from private to public, and even to military. Within those, one can choose to go to either a big or small college. Although everyone sees 3 Differences Between a Campus Visit to a Big and Small College.

You'll hear it a thousand times as you wind your way through junior and senior year of high school: what type of college do you think you want to attend? Not sure about what size college you're looking for? Learn what a big or small college can offer you. Small Campus vs. BIG Campus When choosing a college it is important you know exactly where you want to attend. Many times people take Stress on College Campuses Essay 915 Words 4 Pages.

the duration in which students attend college. It is predictably higher among college students, freshmans in particular, because of the extreme expectations set upon them A small college campus and a large campus have some similarities but more differences that a student must look into before making such an important decision.

Some things to think about are location, variety, activities and You probably know the saying" big fish in a small pond. " What about small fish in a big pond?

Or mediumsized ponds? Comparing Public Colleges: Big vs. Small Schools. by Claudia Moore O'Brien and when looking at colleges and universities, you really do need to ask yourself: Do I want to attend a small college or a large university

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