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Sea Level Rise Essay Introduction Climate change is increasingly becoming a local issue as cities and counties consider its affects and implement mitigation and adaptation strategies in an attempt to limit its potential damage. Impact of sea level rise on building practices Anticipated climate changes will greatly amplify risks to coastal populations. Globally, approximately 400 people live within 20 m of sea level and within 20 km of a coast (Small et al.2000).

Sea level rise is the main issue which Kiribati faces nowadays. Sea level rise can be defined as an increase in the level of the surface of the ocean relative to the land. Sea level rise is also known as the main effect of climate change affecting our nation and its people; it is caused by global warming.

Abstract. Sea level rise is a real and growing issue in the State of Delaware. Over the next 90 years, a significant percentage between 8 and 11 percent of Delaware is at risk of being inundated. Jun 18, 2010 Sea Level Rise. June 8, 2010. By Anonymous Over the last century the sea level has risen five to six inches and it is expected to rise 0. 6 to two feet in the next century. The most important Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Essay the Republic of Kiribati, pleaded to the UN, While the international community continues to point fingers at each other regarding responsibility for and leadership on the issue, our people continue to experience the impact of climate change and sea level rise.

Sea Level Rise. Global Warming (Sea level rise) Introduction: Global warming is the permanent rise in the average temperature of earth due to extensive deposition of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which eventually forms a Read this essay to learn about the rise in sea level as a result of global warming. Over the last 100 years, the global sea level has risen by about 10 to 25 cm. It is likely that much of the rise in sea level has been related to the concurrent rise in global temperature over the last 100 years.

By year 2050, a 16inch sealevel rise is projected. Consequences of a higher sealevel to our coastal areas have not only included erosion, but some believe other effects it will have will include: tourism, the availability of drinking water, and damage from storms. The Sea Levels Are Rising SEA LEVEL RISE 1. Definition: 1. 1 Sea level: Is the level of the ocean's surface, especially the level halfway between mean high and low tide Be used as a standard in reckoning land elevation or sea depths.

1. 2 Sea level rises: Happens when the mean high tide level increases year after year 2.

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