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Cover letter sample for an internship, including tips on what to include, and how to send or email a cover letter when applying for an internship. Use business letter format. An internship cover letter is quite different from a typical job employment cover letter.

It is focused more on what the individual can deliver and do rather than relying on ones work experience. The personal skills, educational achievements, and extracurricular activities are put in the spotlight. Business Cover Letter Sample; Biology Cover Letter Sample; Fashion Cover Letter Sample; 17 Great Cover Letter Examples.

Written by Laura Riley Updated April 17, 2017. Laura Riley is a writer who specializes in career advice and professional development. Because of this, a cover letter for an internship must explain what Business Cover Letter: Education Cover Letter: Free Sample Cover Letters: Sample Internship Cover Letter and Resume.

Here's an example of a skills resume. Notice how the writer doesn't forget to highlight her foreign language knowledge. 663 Briar Dr. Baton Rouge, LA Recommendation Letter Guide& Samples; Business Letter Format; Internship Cover Letter Sample. By Erik Episcopo. The cover letter template pack on this page is for a college student applying for a marketing internship. The candidate emphasizes their relevant coursework and personal traits that make them the perfect candidate for Business Cover Letter Sample.

As a business major, you understand how companies brand and sell their products and services. This mindset carries through to your internship search as well.

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