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The Placement Test is a writing test that assesses your readiness for introductory college courses by measuring your ability to write at a collegelevel. This test is an assessment of where faculty When just beginning or transferring to a college, students may be required to take a college placement exam that includes math, reading and writing tests. As part of the writing exam, students are expected to write an argumentative essay that states a clear position and provides analysis and evidence.

Audience any interested party, specifically those interested in the transition between high school and college or transfer from one institution to another.

Prompt: For many students, the time of transition between high school and college is not long at all. Ramapo College of New Jersey Home Page Student Success Testing Center Test Prep Placement Essay (ACCUPLACER Basic Skills) Placement Essay (ACCUPLACER Basic Skills) Testing Center Home The English Placement Test is not an objective test.

It consists of four steps: Reading the honor code. Reading an assigned article. Completing the writing assignments: Writing a oneparagraph summary of the assigned article. Writing a multiparagraph essay responding to the arguments in the assigned article. Because the test diagnoses areas for improvement in writing skill, the student should not fear that any judgments he makes in the essay are being graded.

Though college placement essays are challenging, in the end it is the student who benefits when he is placed in the college English Essay for college placement test most suited to his ability. In order to provide the best opportunity for academic success, Ramapo College of New Jersey requires entering students to take a basic skills placement test.

The basic skills placement test used at Ramapo College of New Jersey is ACCUPLACER, developed by The College Board.

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