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The Help Ex De Texte Essay 4435 Words 18 Pages. I. SUBJECT The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, is story about the journey of a young woman, Skeeter, standing up for what she believes in and following her dreams.

This story is set in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s, which is the height of the Civil Rights movement period.

ActionsInternal Characteristics Character Analysis: Eugenia" Skeeter" Phelan 1. Physical Appearance Tall, lanky, thin Red frizzy hair The Help Is an American novel that represents an era of civil rights, written by the point of view of a white educated southern woman, in a very different time period of what the book is set in. The Help takes place during the 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi. Brian Testorf MGT Diversity in a Global Environment Professor Wilson The Help: Movie Analysis Paper# 2 The Help, is both an award winning novel and film based on the relationship between those within the white southern community of Mississippi and their help, the African American women employed as slaves by these families.

The novel The Help by Kathryn Stockett takes place in Jackson, Mississippi, during the 1960s. A period that saw the segregation of blacks and the superiority of whites dominate the southern United States. The novel focuses on the colored help and their work environment, greatly emphasizing the helps relations with their white employers. Literary Analysis Essay 1382 Words 6 Pages. Literary Analysis Author James Joyce has written many short stories which were composed to explain Dublins way of life.

The book is known to his readers as Dubliners. In terms of Skeeter's story, The Help is a comingofage novel. Skeeter is bold, fearless, and she doesn't buy into the myths that black people are dirty and have diseases that

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