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In the following essay, Light examines the quixotic overtones in Lewis's Main Street. Sinclair Lewis's attitude toward the activity of writing can be seen in his letters to his publisher reporting his progress with Main Street. (Main Street, Sinclair Lewis, Introduction, Brooke Allen), When focusing on the main characters within the novel of Main Street by Sinclair Lewis, it is ideal to narrow the main characters down to Carol Kennicott and Dr.

Will Kennicott. Carol Milford, after college and jobs in Chicago and St. Paul, marries a doctor, Will Kennicott, from Gopher Prairie, Minnesota. Shocked by the gritty ugliness of her new home, she envisions a series of projects to make it more beautiful, but each is frustrated by narrowmindedness, special interests, apathy, or pragmatism.

Lewis broke from literary tradition by portraying Gopher Prairie as a realistic and unromantic small town. Throughout the novel, he emphasizes the fact that Gopher Prairieand every American small townrepresents a microcosm of the entire country. Critical essay on MAIN STREET by Sinclair Lewis Main Street by Sinclair Lewis, a small town in the United States is described concerning a segmented society. The small town was named, Gopher Prairie, in Minnesota.

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Sinclair Lewis makes point of the efforts that Carol produces to reform her new home. These efforts can be perceived by the townspeople as unwelcomed and unsuccessful. Some of Carols ideas are ludicrous, out of proportion Babbitt By Lewis Sinclair Essay In the Sinclair Lewis novel, Babbitt, the main character is a man who lives his whole life under the presumption that the only way to be happy is to follow society.

Daily, he walks the path of rightwing social law, believing that only wealth can bring him happiness. Lewis did such a convincing job describing this town that ever since this book appeared, Gopher Prairie Narrator Point of View 95 of this book, you could say that Main Street features a limited thirdperson perspective, given that it seems to follow only the thoughts and actions of one characterCarol Kennicott.

The story proper begins when, after a honeymoon in the Colorado mountains, the Kennicotts approach Gopher Prairie on the train.

In the drab town are three thousand dull people, in a social strata ranging from Swede farmer to bank president. Main Street has twostory brick shops flanked by Fords and lumber wagons. There is no park to rest

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