Law changes our behaviour essay examples

It is a kind of teacher that teaches people how to act virtuous. So for Aquinas, human laws are required not only to prevent the vicious acts, but also to lead them to be virtuous.

Law, even by forcing and punishing, leads men to act good. (Aquinas, 100). Law helps to regulate and keep check on everything. Law actually differentiate human from other animals, thus human is known as homosapiens. I believe law is the necessary evil and it does brings change to human behavior. In the essay, we will analyze how law inculcates obedience and responsibility in human behavior. Thus, we can say that laws embed some changes in human behaviour to some extent. However, we are still facing roadaccidents which clearly show that rules and regulations have controlled the behaviour of mankind without Law changes our behaviour essay examples them completely.

SAMPLE ESSAY: Law, in general, is written rules and regulations that are meant for individuals or groups of the society. Law was created, and intended, to guide and shape behavior. I believe law affects peoples behavior. The punishment or reward associated with law causes people to change their behavior.

Some people think law changes our behavior Governments are ruled by the set of policies to facilitate people and provide them safe, healthy and comfortable life. The set of policies are also referred as law from the state for the citizens for their betterment.

The law which is against the nature of a person will never result with the behavior changes. In conclusion, it is unfairly possible that law can change human behaviour unless and until a person adapt and convince personally.

PTE essay Laws changes human behaviour. Law is the only way to exercise control over the public to maintain peace. People usually behave in a way that is in accordance with the law. It is true that human behaviour is governed by legislations. Strict laws make better countries& people respond to a situation in an orderly manner. Thus, the law might not change our behavior rather it compels to involve in criminal activities.

To sum up, this essay discusses how the legislation can change our habit which is positive at sometimes but not always. Therefore, it is recommended to seek for a right balance to keep peace and harmony among people.

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