Essay on books are best friend

Dec 02, 2012 This is my essay writing exercise. Please check it for me. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Maple Books, My Best Friends Books are very meaningful to me. They can help me in at least three aspects: letting me know the knowledge of nature, the social cultures, and giving me enjoyment.

My Best Friend Essay For Class 3 My Best Friend Essay For Class 2 13 lines Pointwise There are two essays. First one is for class 3 and second is for class 2 students. The essay of class 2 is written pointwise. You are advised to make it in paragraph if you need. There are some who love the company of Nature. There are also those who loved the company of books. The company of books gives the pleasure of company of man and Nature too. What is a book? A book is the map of mans life and the life in nature.

Every page of a great book is a storehouse of mans best and noblest thoughts. Introduction: Book is our real and best friend. It gives us knowledge and pleasure. It is the main element of education. Our worldly friend may give us but book never gives us. Books are great blessings. They are useful to us many ways. They are our best friends. When we are in trouble, books stand by us and give us the right advice.

Books console us in our sorrows. Books bring enlightenment among the people and make them fond of knowledge. We never feel alone in the in the company of books. Find an answer to your question essay on 'books are our best friends ' ( words). Books are our never failing friends. Our worldly friends desert us but they never desert us. They are our best friends, philosophers and guides.

Books are our best friends because they inspire us to do great things in life and overcome our failures. We learn a lot from good books just like a good friend.

Books can be good or bad, but it is our responsibility to choose them wisely. Friendship with Good books makes you Good person and friendship with Bad books make you bad person. Essay on My Best Friend Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. My Best Friend Good friends are very rare in these fast changing days.

Essay On Books Are Our Best Friends When you read a book, its feels great to put yourself into a world the writer has created for you. The habit of reading good content daily will act as an exercise for your mind and keep you mentally fit and flexible. Books Are Our Best Friends Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph.

Feeling Alone? Betrayed by friends? So get in a friendship with books, theyll never leave you, theyll never betray you, instead will always add up something to your knowledge and will make you a successful person.

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