Automotive supply management research paper

This paper addresses a nonlinear optimization model by integrating production planning and inventory control in the automotive industry at the strategic and operational level. In order to provide an effective modeling, we developed a framework to integrate manufacturing system and suppliers within an automotive supply chain network. focusing on automotive suppliers, particularly the smaller ones that make up most of the local autoparts industry in Asia.

Besides this initial introduction, the paper has five additional sections. Full Length Research Paper Strategic supply chain framework for the automotive industry The remaining section of the paper presents: (i) Supply chain management (SCM) (ii) Supply Tier 1s and the rest of the automotive supply chain. As collaboration and supply networks and evolving leadership roles impacting supply chain effectiveness. Strategies for overcoming challenges are presented as also a framework for further study and analysis.

KEYWORDS Supply Chain Management, automotive industry, Supply Chain Challenges, Assemblersupplier synergy, India 1. Sep 10, 2018 In this paper, we discuss why industrial computing plays a major role throughout the entire automotive supply chain, from allocation and storage of raw materials and components to production and delivery to timely spare parts procurement.

Abstract Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is one of this research paper identifies the important results that are causes and performance of the automotive supply chain using an empirical analysis of 89 automotive enterprises within China [5. drivers of green supply chain management performance: green supply management capabilities, the strategic level of purchasing department, the level of environmental commitment, the degree of green supplier assessment, and the degree of green collaboration with suppliers.

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