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About Story Half Told Breast Cancer: A Story Half Told is an initiative by Pfizer in partnership with advocates, patients and healthcare professionals that aims to elevate public understanding of metastatic breast cancer, dispel misperceptions, combat stigma and expand the breast cancer conversation to be more inclusive of Cancer photo essay breast Mar 27, 2013 When Reddit user freckledsmile posted a link to Angelo Merendino's photo essay of his wife Jennifer's battle with breast cancer, he moved even the most stoic of Redditors to tears.

" I've never once The following photo essay was submitted by inspirational members of the Rever community Martin and Catherine. They are using motorcycles and photography to tell a very personal story.

A story that includes death, cancer and a motorcycle adventure across the United States. To learn more about The Landscape of Cancer Treatment. As photographer Jeff Jacobson underwent his own rounds of chemotherapy, he began exploring the painfully beautiful scenes where the battle against cancer is fought My late wife, Jennifer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, five months after our wedding, and she died on December 22, 2011.

Thankfully Jennifer allowed me to photograph of day to day life. Our hope was that we could provide a better understanding of the reality of life with cancer. back to all posts. Cancer at Bay? A Photo Essay. April 28, 2018. I was diagnosed with brain cancer in March 2016, underwent surgery that July, during which my tumour could not be completely removed.

Oct 01, 2009  The photographer Alexandra Avakian has told the stories of uprisings, civil wars and famines through her work. But today her photos tell a more personal story her experience as a woman with breast cancer.

Read our blog to learn more about childhood cancer, lifesaving research, inspiring families, and how the foundation is making a difference. The photo essay definitely shows your poignant journey (and animals are the best therapy).

I am really looking forward to hearing about the path you have been walking over the last several months. Thank you for your post today!

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