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Broward College Application& Registration Day. Abstract international he510 research papers broward college pines center. To get a student loan at Broward College, you've got to sit through a twohour financial lesson with Kent Dunston first. A Broward College ID number is required to submit an application to College Academy @ BC. Students that already have a BC ID number do not need to reapply.

To complete a Broward College application, please click this link. Obtain Student Photo ID from the Student Life Office on each campuscenter. Register online for parking decal at broward.

eduparking; The Broward College Scholarship application allows you to complete one application and be matched to Visit an Admissions or Registration Office at a campuscenter to verify documentation for admission and for registration related issues. Broward College Home Page Locations Pines Center Map Follow signs to Broward College; Directions to the Pines Center from the Weston Center. Contact Broward County Transit Rider information line at, choose option# 1 to get available personalized in service routes.

As part of the admissions process for Broward College and before enrolling in the College Academy, you must take the College's Basic Skills Assessment Test called the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT). If your password was reset while this process was running ( from about 11: 00am to 2: 00pm) you may have to have it reset to complete the sync process.

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