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The way you reference your skills on your resume gives an employer an idea of how proficient you are with each particular technical skill that you list.

If for example, you have a basic knowledge of MS Word applications, you may say something like familiar with MS Word applications, especially Excel and PowerPoint. Is there a word or phrase I can use on e. g. a resume to describe what I know? I can think of" very familiar with"but is there a better wordphrase I can use? resume Don't mention C if you are not proficient in it. So, get proficient in C if you want to apply for C jobs. The thing is this, beyond getting greenlit by automated resume keyword scanners, laundry lists of languages that you are" familiar with" don't matter 4 Job 'Skills' to Leave Off a Resume most job seekers are familiar with QWERTY keys because of their Macbooks, iPads, and Nooks.

" Proficient at MS Office Suite" when you could have Quickbooks includes numerous features and your chances for employment increase if you're proficient with as many of them as possible.

Here are the many documents and functions you should be familiar with: How do you list skills that you used to be proficient in, but haven't used for years on your resume?

You can mention in the resume that you are" familiar" with the technologies Santhosh Pai Jun 22 '13 at 10: 59. add a comment How to represent a once proficient, but now lesser used skill in resume. 13. Sep 15, 2007 In an interview situation, I would differentiate between software that you are" familiar with" versus that you are" proficient in". Don't promise" hit the ground running" proficiency if you don't have it. Don't Include These Skills On Your Resume If you enjoy this tutorial, consider reading our comprehensive How To Write A Resume tutorial.

It's always a good idea to fill out your resume with any specific skills or specialties you might possess. Write" Proficient In: " and list the languagescomputer skills in which you are fluent.

If you can speak some languages fluently, but can only write intermediately, note this in a parenthetical reference after you list the language. For example, on my resume I have on occasion said things like" some PHP"indicating yes, I have written programs in PHP, but I don't claim to be particularly proficient at it. That one word" some" tips off the reader without going into a long discussion.

Words like" Expert"" Proficient"or even" Prior experience but rusty" can be useful. Worry less about being elegant and more about conveying the right message. Personally, I find it less useful when people express their experience in the number of years. Buzzwords Your Resume Doesnt Need Posted on December 2, 2009 by cmadmin One of the most difficult tasks in your search for employment can be

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