Importance of agriculture in india essay

Jul 12, 2018  India's 70 land area used in agriculture. Agriculture is a primary sector of India because it gives 60 employment for labor which lives in rural areas and village. India is leading country in agriculture from Agriculture represents a very important development in human history, considering the benefits agriculture and its products have brought us since then, it is arguable that we would have developed to this stage without our involvement in Life of a Farmer.

Introduction: The farmer is one of the most useful people of since the beginning of civilization. We all depend upon agriculture to meet our requirement of food. We get our food because the farmer grows crops and carries the agricultural activities. Though, they feed the entire humanity, their life conditions are far from satisfactory.

Agriculture. As an integral part of the Department of Agriculture, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service monitors our Nations agriculture to protect against agricultural pests and diseases. Our India is the farm country, and it is the most important occupation of India.

India is an agricultural country. The Indian economy is basically agrarian. In spite of economic development and industrialization, agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. As Mahatma Gandhi said, India lives in villages and agriculture is the soul of Indian economy. Importance of agriculture Agriculture, as we all know, is the backbone of any country.

For example, the major population of India is working as Included: agriculture essay india essay content. Preview text: The word agriculture comes from the Latin words agerreferring to the soil and cultureto its cultivation.

Agriculture, in its widest sense can be defined as the cultivation and production of crop plants or livestock products. It is synonymous with f ADVERTISEMENTS: Agriculture is the main occupation in India. Twothird of population is dependent on agriculture directly or indirectly. It is not merely a Agriculture in India IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE Since long ago, agriculture has been associated with the production of basic food crops.

At present agriculture, besides farming includes forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy,

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