How to write akemi in kanji

Akemi (, ) is a unisex Japanese name, mostly used as a feminine given name. Possible writings [ edit Akemi can be written using different kanji I can write Inoue () but I can't write Akane. How do I write Akane in Japanese? [closed up vote5 down vote favorite. I want to write Inoue Akane. I can write Inoue () but I can't write Akane.

Are you sure it is not Akemi? In any case, you cannot know the kanji given only the kana or romaji. Though the most common forms Some people may refer to this entry as Akemi Kanji, Akemi Characters, Akemi in Mandarin Chinese, Akemi Characters, Akemi in Chinese Writing, Akemi in Japanese Writing, Akemi in Asian Writing, Akemi Ideograms, Chinese Akemi symbols, Akemi Hieroglyphics, Akemi Glyphs, Akemi in Chinese Letters, Akemi Hanzi, Akemi in How to write kanji Philip Seifi When a student is taught kanji, one of the first thing that is explained to him is the concept of stroke order the one and only correct way of writing kanji characters.

Feb 21, 2014 Japanese Name Meanings and Spellings The Japanese naming system is very unique, due to the nature of the language. Most given names are written in kanji, Chinese characters that have been adopted into the Japanese writing system. Kanji is one of the three writing systems for the Japanese language.

It includes thousands of symbols which came to Japan from China. The symbols represent ideas rather than pronunciation. Kanji alive is a resource for learning kanji, dedicated to helping you open the door to the fascinating characters that form the written Japanese language. All of the content in the application was created and reviewed with painstaking attention to detail by experienced Japanese instructors in order to help you best study, practice and retain kanji. Kanji Zone has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the translations it provides.

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