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The most profound and valuable piece of advice ever given to me was by a man I have never talked to, a man I have never seen. In fact, this man died almost 50 years before the day I was born.

This Best Advice I Ever Received" Always remember that you can accomplish everything if you try and think positively! " This may sound a little trite, but if I did not have this Write an essay to L. A. Youth and tell us about it: Essays should be a page or more. Include your name, school, age and phone number with your essay. The staff of L. A. Youth will read the entries and pick three winners. Your name will be withheld if you request it. The firstplace winner will receive 50. " The Best Advice I Have Ever Gotten" Essays and Research Papers The Best Advice I Have Ever Gotten 25 The Best Advice Ever Given In life there are many challenges Sep 08, 2013 Hi, The essay below is on the best advice I have received; if anyone can help at all, it will be greatly greatly appreciated!

Best Advice Ever Received Throughout my life, I have heard many free advices, many advices that have been helpful throughout my 14 years in the world. Choosing the best advice is definitely hard because I believe all of them are the best advices for me. However, the best ever advice that I have received would definitely be from a friend of mine and he said, If you afraid to try, you will not know the result, you must be brave to face it.

From the moment I was able to comprehend what words meant, I can remember receiving one piece of advice from my parents, " as long as you do your best. " This advice was given to me in everything I did, from sports to school to my first job.

Jul 23, 2008 Check out our top Free Essays on What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Received to help you write your own Essay Jun 21, 2011  The best Best advice ever essay I ever got from my English Professor was in High School, She said, Dont wait till the last minute.

She kept warning us to do things as soon as possible because waiting until the last day will make you rush so its better not to rush and do things early as doable. We discussed the matter and he gave me the best advice I have ever got in my life. Always be yourself, he said.

If you try to adapt to the circumstances in this way, you lose your identity. Who needs the identity, if I am so lonely? I thought.

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