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Agricultural Business Plan Guidelines agriculture, forestry& fisheries Department: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. February 2012 Agricultural Business Plan Guidelines Directorate Cooperative and Enterprise Development DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHERIES The business plan is a living document that will change and evolve as the business develops.

Although a consultant or adviser can provide valuable assistance in creating a business plan, the potential users of the cooperative enterprise need to be heavily involved in the creation of the business plan.

It is a work in progress once youve completed your business plan, it will be something you refer back to as your cooperative progresses, and something you develop over time to respond to your cooperatives needs and aspirations. COOP BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE INTRODUCTION A business plan is a vital document for any successful coop.

knowledge and experience. A comprehensive. A coordinated effort in a cooperative organization depends upon a written plan that everyone can follow and use as a basis of evaluation for their performance.

Gamehenge Tapers Coop nonprofit recording coop business plan executive summary. Gamehenge Tapers Coop is a nonprofit hobby recording cooperative supplying wholesale products, and trading services to its members. The business plan is a road map to launching a cooperative and will allow the Board of Directors to know where they want to be and how to get there. Having a professional who is familiar with cooperatives to assist with the preparation of the business plan is a good idea and can avoid and voids problems in the future.

ICOS, Starting a Co operative Business Plan Page 3 Feasibility of the Cooperative 3. 1 Will the enterprise be offering a service or produce a product or COOP BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE VALUES Cooperatives throughout the world share similar values and uphold the seven cooperative principles recognized by the International Cooperative Alliance.

Cooperatives are based on the values of selfhelp, selfresponsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Explain who will monitor the business and marketing plan the cooperative creates to make sure all of the farmers are on target and participating in the manner originally planned. Financials The financial section explains how much cash each member will contribute to fund the cooperative.

A cooperative is a memberowned business structure with at least five members, all of whom have equal voting rights regardless of their level of involvement or investment. All members are expected to help run the cooperative. Cooperative businesses take this idea of employee ownership and engagement one step further: employees actually own and operate the business.

Besides the profit motive, cooperative models assume that workers value a more humanized workplace, where the input of groundlevel employees can improve the business.

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