How to write lebanon in arabic

Lebanese Arabic or Lebanese is a variety of North Levantine Arabic, indigenous to and spoken primarily in Lebanon, with significant linguistic influences borrowed from other Middle Eastern and European languages, and is in some ways unique from other varieties of Arabic.

Due to multilingualism among Lebanese people, it is not uncommon for According to the Taif Agreement that ended the Lebanese Civil War, Lebanon agreed to be an Arab country. This was a difficult concession for many Lebanese Christians to make as they saw a closer connection between themselves and Europeans than they did with other Muslim Arabs. Lebanese Arabic or Lebanese is a dialect of Levantine Arabic, though some people consider it a language in its own right. It is spoken mainly in Lebanon by about 4 million people, and includes some vocabulary comes from Aramaic, Greek, French, and Turkish.

To translate I'd like to pay, please. into Lebanese Arabic? What does I don't speak Lebanese Arabic mean? Learn to count to ten in Lebanese Arabic. In Arabic, unlike English, it is not normal to say thank you or thanks after replying to the question How are you? Instead, just go right Amharic, Arabic (Egyptian), Arabic (Lebanese), Arabic (Modern Standard), Arabic (Moroccan), Aramaic, Assyrian, Hausa, Hebrew, Maltese, Somali Phrases in other languages If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donation, or by contributing in other ways.

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