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The sample targeted resume, below, is for a homemaker who is returning to the job market and seeking a position as a registered nurse (R. N. ). By carefully targeting resumes for specific jobs and situations, you can greatly improve your chances of getting noticed in the job market.

Homemakers often work for companies offering home care services. Their role is providing housekeeping Resume for homemaker home management services to clients, which include cleaning, doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking, looking for children or the elderly, and shopping for groceries.

Resume tips for fulltime parents returning to work It's tough to get back on the career track after being a fulltime parent. Make sure your resume helps you sell yourself. If you're returning to the workforce after taking time off to be a homemaker, don't assume the gaps on your resume will automatically turn off employers.

The sample resume constructed for homemakers is in the functional resume style that's been modified to accommodate the suggestions made in the above paragraphs. The following is a link to a downloadable Word document in the functional format: Homemaker Resume. The traditional chronological resume (where you list your most recent jobs and work down) isnt the best fit in this case, simply because for many Resume for homemaker, putting homemaker as a job feels like shooting oneself in the foot.

Resumagic. com Sample Resume: Homemaker Entering Workforce Judy Homemaker 123 Main Street e Anytown, ST e (123) e [email protected] com Job Objective To work in a clerical or secretarial position for any type of industry or company Resume Writing Guide Sep 16, 2018 Here are some things that I've found when researching while helping my wife with her resume. These are all on the web. I Googled, " Homemaker's Resume". Put yourself in the employer's shoes and

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