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A oneman heavy industry of cultural criticism, the 58yearold Zizek has authored more than 50 books, which have been translated into more than 20 languages, on subjects as diverse as Hitchcock Slavoj iek 1949 (Also transliterated as Slavoj Zizek) Slovenian critic, essayist, and editor.

The following entry presents an overview of iek's career through 2003. Two quality criteria: Slavoj ieks chosen films within the The Criterion Collections catalog. If iek has earned the moniker pop philosopher or the Elvis of cultural theory it is thanks to the ease with which he moves between diverse areas of Western culture and with a certain fondness for cinema.

(A recent example is John Grays review of two of ieks books in the New York Review of Books, to which iek has responded. ) Now academics are always illused in the mainstream press Dec 04, 2011 What are your favouriteleast favourite works by Slavoj Zizek? From what I've read, I'd say he's at his best in The Ticklish Subject, and at his least coherent and most rambly in The Fragile Absolute, Or, Why is the Christian Legacy Worth Fighting For?

(which could have been a great book but just didn't deliver). Letters. Vol. 34 No. 5 8 March 2012. Slavoj Zizek observes that any attempt now to link the rise and fall in the price of oil to the rise or fall in production costs or the price of exploited labour would be meaningless: production costs are negligible as a proportion of the price we pay for oil (LRB, 26 January).

This is unlikely to hold true for much longer. As iek makes quite clear in his most recentand very reply to Chomskys latest comment on his work (published in full on the Verso Books blog), this is a very old conflict. Zizek's favourite books on Hegel Both Less Than Nothing and Absolute Recoil are major investigations of Hegel's thought. We asked Zizek which books on IEKS LATEST BOOKS 2016 Antigone; Zizek's rewriting of this classic play confronts these issues in a practical way: not by theorizing about them, but by imagining an Antigone in which, at a crucial moment, the action takes a different turn, an Antigone along the lines of Run, Lola, Run or of Brecht's learning plays.

WORKS AUTHORED BY SLAVOJ ZIZEK The Sublime Object of Ideology, New York: Verso, 1989. Using material from The Fragile Absolute, while building on previous analyses from The Metastases of Enjoyment, this bookessay is an examination of David Lynch's Lost Highway.

You can watch a part of iek's breakdown of Psycho, which he describes as" the perfect film for me, " in the Pervert's Guide to Cinema clip just above. He views the house of Norman Bates, the titular psycho, as a reproduction of" the The three types of freedom that have been discussed by Zizek relate to the progressive levels of being and groundlessness that can be likened to elaborative progression with each level taking us closer to the abyssal primordial state that is Zizeks favourite expression for describing the states of freedom 3.

James Shapiro on Shakespeares Life Books. James Shapiro on Shakespeares Life Books. Slavoj iek on His Favourite Plays. Slavoj iek on His Favourite Plays. Dorothy Sayers wrote a wonderful essay on Aristotles Poetics as a theory of detective novelsince Aristotle didnt have at his disposal detective fiction, he had Book of the week Terry Eagleton reviews Trouble in Paradise and Absolute Recoil by Slavoj iek Like Socrates on steroids: iek is both breathtakingly perceptive and outrageously irresponsible.

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