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ESSAY PARAGRAPH: A VISIT TO ZOO: FOR CLASS 6, 7, 8. Last Saturday, we had a holiday and we decided to pay a visit to the Lahore zoo. So, I visited the zoo with my parents.

We packed our necessary equipment and left for zoo at 1: 30p. m. The weather was very fine and pleasant. A cool breeze was on the move. A Visit to a Zoo Essay for school students of class 1 to 3. An English essay on a visit to a zoo for kids of lower class. About Our Custom Essay Writing Services. Unlike sample essays for sale that we offer through our catalog, out custom essay writing is a much complex process that costs more money but gets you a unique piece of content that is original, plagiarism free and written according to your specific instructions.

A zoo is a place where various birds, animals and reptiles are kept. A zoo does not contain ordinary birds and animals which we usually see in our villages and towns. It contains those birds and animals which we cannot generally see. A visit to a zoo essay of 522 words A Zoo is a place where animals are kept and maintained for a look by the common man.

Here in a Zoo, birds of different varieties are also maintained. The purpose of a zoo is to show us, common people like varieties of animals and birds that exist the world over people who may never [ My first trip essaysI still remember the first trip to the beach that I took with my close friends.

Two years ago, my friends and I went to Tamarindo Beach to rest and enjoy our vacation together. We had been planning this trip for two weeks. A visit to a zoo is an interesting experience. Last Sunday I went to Delhi zoo with my father. We went there by bus. Delhi zoo is near Purana Quila. My father bought the tickets and we entered the gate. There were ponds on both the sides of the road. Ducks were swimming in the ponds.

We saw Essay No. 01. A visit to a zoo A visit to zoo gives us true knowledge about the birds and animals. We can see the wildlife in their natural state in the zoo. Free sample essay on A Visit to a Zoo. A visit to a zoo offers us an opportunity to see the wild animals.

Due to deforestation and urbanisation, many animals are fast disappearing. It is becoming difficult to see the wild animals in their natural habitat.

Zoo is a place where we can see different A visit to the Zoo: (Brief Essay) One of the adventurous and amazing family outings we ever went is to the Vandalur Zoo. The day was quite a

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