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May 14, 2018  Activity Name& Description Resume and Cover Letter Workshop DateSemester Spring 2018 Learning Domains Addressed Leadership Education Learning Outcomes SWiBAT review resume and cover letter worksheets with student leaders.

SWiBAT assess resume and cover letter workshop. Assessment Rubric (One Per Resume Learning Outcome: After completing the resume workshop, the student will be able to complete a professional resume, while following and completing the provided template. Completion Test Item: Fill in the blanks of the resume template, with your individual yet specific skills in order to become familiar with the necessary content of Registration will remain open up to 2 weeks after the course begins Program Coordinator Todd Freece [email protected]

edu. Resume Writing Workshop Learning objectives are statements that communicate the intent of an educational activity. They tell activity, whether it is a lecture, workshop or panel discussion must have one or more learning objective(s). The number of objectives is reflective of the amount and diversity of information learning outcomes in terms of knowledge skills Resume, Cover Letter Development (Undergraduate and graduate students) At the end of this workshop, the attendees will be able to: Identify the resume style best highlights skills and experiences Resume WorkshopResume Resume workshop learning outcomes Objective: General Overview of Resume WritingObjective: General Overview of Resume Writing Can your resume pass the 10second test?

Can your resume pass the 10second test? 10 seconds is all the time an employer is going to give your One of the most important and intimidating steps in the job search process is writing a solid resume that gets the attention you want and need. Resume Writing 101 50. 00 no certificate OR 75. 00 with CEU Certificate Learning Outcomes. By successfully completing this course, students will be able to: Participants will leave the workshop with: A revised professional resume.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES. This section should be formatted in the upper area of the resume. If you include specific outcomes, especially numerical ones, an accomplishments section should be added. 17. Work Experience (Slide 21) Writing Measurable Learning Outcomes Sandi Osters, Director of Student Life Studies F.

Simone Tiu, Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness A resume is the centre of every PMETs recruitment marketing efforts. Just as every candidate is unique, so should his CV be. In that brief 2 pages or so in a typical CV, how does one make it stand out? Learning Outcomes. In this workshop, participants will learn practical strategies to: 1.

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