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Why study Ser vs. Estar (Spanish)? Ser y Estar are both translations for the verb 'to be however, to determine which verb should be used, it is necessary to look at the full sentence. A quick rhyme that helps: " How you feel Contextual translation of" comiendo" into English. Human translations with examples: eat, eating, t wait, he is eating, she is eating, she is eating, where are they. Contextual translation of" el perro esta comiendo" into English. Human translations with examples: sea, the dog, his dog, dog bark, " advice dog"the dog barks.

Though I do not know Spanish, yet I have tried to display the differences between English and Spanish with the help of net. Hope, this helps! Spanish is a Romance language and part of the IndoEuropean language family. 'acabasen pasando' meaning 'acabasen pasando' meaning. 5. Votes. Mercent. El nio no coma, pero al final acab comiendo.

So this was a longer period of time. Acabasen de pasar: this would mean, things JUST happened. I have just finished the essay. Acabo de terminar la redaccin. The Spanish collection of proverbs offers an accurate outlook of the peoples mentality: the view of the world is shown by means of hundreds of anecdotes, references, and hidden meanings.

Translation of estoy at MerriamWebster's SpanishEnglish Dictionary. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more. 109 d Meaning and form of the gerund: hablando, comiendo, viviendo.

6 10: 24 110 e Uses of the gerund: Est subiendo.

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