Homework a waste of time

One set of homework will not suit all the children in a given class and this is often the norm nowadays. Homework should have some element of challenge and allow children to explore areas of personal interest from time to time. Homework is a waste of time, study finds According to a new study, more homework assignments do not translate into better grades.

Homework is a waste of time, when are we going to have homework in the real world Homework is not a waste of time, It helps you learn. Homework is not a waste Homework a waste of time time, It is an important part of education, Jun 20, 2017 Homework is a waste of time.

It takes the enjoyment out of school and it takes up teacher time. Students need more free time for other activities such as sports, homework takes it away from spending time with family and friends.

Is homework essential for developing good study habits and reinforcing classroom learning? Or is it a waste of time and an educational turnoff? Homework is not a waste of time because it helps children pass free time which they usually use for playing games and others stuff that is waste.

Playing games isn't as useful as homework is and it also causes eyesight problems. It wastes time because school is where you learn, not home. Home is a place for living not schoolwork. Homework is a waste of time and effort, so teachers should give no homework, and in fact it Is doing homework good for us or is it simply a waste of time?

This debate sets out the arguments on both sides. Homework is an assignment that students are given to do at home. It might be a continuation of classwork or a new piece of work. Waste of time? A study by the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, found more homework assignments didn't translate into better grades It found homework doesn't necessarily help children to get better grades, but may help them get But by the time he had finished his research he was convinced that homework should be abolished.

I found out that teachers have been giving homework since at least 1480, Himmelrath, an educational journalist, told The Local. The Homework Myth by Alfie Kohn; The Case Against Homework: by Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish; The Battle Over Homework by Harris Cooper; The books come at a crucial time, as parents have been saying that their children have too much homework, and that the increased amount of homework is putting stress not just on the students, but on Apr 29, 2009 Best Answer: well it would be a waste of time, depending on who you're giving the homework to.

for kids elementary to high school it is a waste because they do the homework just for a grade, and usually the type of the homework they do is mindnumbing and braindead stuff that they don't learn from because it Even though the amount of time students spend on homework has risen by 51 since 1951, the students of the United States have ranked 17th on the Global Index of Cognitive Skills and Education Attainment and placed in the middle of the international academic rankings with 17th in reading and 23rd in math (Murphy Paul).

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