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Question 1 1. Theresa is a professor at a local university. Her student, Kevin, has content from the Journal of Sociology. The following is an example of how most of his essay appears to be written: The AEPA Principal Subtests I and II Exams each require a passing score of 240. Testers are given three hours and thirty minutes to answer 50 multiplechoice questions and complete two written performance assignments per subtest. Each AEPA exam usually consists of somewhere between 90 150 multiplechoice questions, but some tests also include essays, short openended responses, and other similar types of questions.

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An essay on an animal not being covered in the theme. III. An animal that can be cared for in the classroom Practice questions included. AEPA test flashcards that will help you raise your score on the AEPA test. NES Prep Expanded Study Guides for the AEPA FirstTime Students: Register or Buy Access. The following NES Prep Expanded Study Guides for the AEPA address objectives and content similar to what you may experience on an AEPA test and may provide a helpful additional resource for preparation.

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