Essay on change management in the nhs

Change Management Essay functions of management: Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling The drivers for change in NHS were the factors which influence the change management control.

At NHS the employee does not have the responsibility to manage the change; 2. 1 The National Health Service. The National Health Service (NHS) is the public funded health care system in the United Kingdom (UK) that provides the majority of health care to the UK residents. Its areas of health care coverage are the primary health care, inpatient care, long term health care, ophthalmology and dentistry. The case study report below is complete dissection of the undertaken structural change process by the Rossett NHS Hospital Trust to achieve its business objectives.

Rossett NHS Hospital Trust attempted to introduce generic worker concept involving about 250 employees from its huge employee base of 2800. NHS Change Management Essay Sample This is a supplementary report, aimed at aiding further explanation of the change that took place at NHS UK. This paper reviews literature on various models and frameworks, provided by many researchers and scholars and links to varied aspects of change that was initiated at NHS. Within the Clinical Governance framework, advocated by the White Papers The New NHS Modern Dependable (DoH, 1997) and A First Class Service: Quality in the New NHS (DoH, 1998), there is an emphasis on improving quality of care, treatment and services through employing the principles of clinical governance.

The prime goal of the change management process is to ensure that the standardised methods and procedures are followed in an efficient and prompt handling manner. At NHS the change request entails to consider approach to the assessment which is for the risk and the service providing to the customers. Human resource management and performance in health care organisation the NHS These challenges remain critical to healthcare management as significant staff shortages are predicted, exacerbated by increasing demand for services.

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