How to write your feelings

Because labeling your feelings doesnt require you to want to feel better, it doesnt have this problem. Thirty people, 18 women and 12 men between ages of 18 and 36, participated in Liebermans study at UCLAs AhmansonLovelace Brain Mapping Center. How can the answer be improved? If you write about how things make you feel, you can confront them more effectively and deal with the origins of the feelings. By expressing your feelings in words rather than just feeling them, they will be clearer to you and you will understand them better.

A place you can write your thoughts, feelings, emotions anything. It's just somewhere to write Silly How to write your feelings it may sound, writing a letter to yourself lets you explore your thoughts and feelings.

You have no one to impress, so you can be honest about what you want to change about your behavior. Journaling is one of them. " Journals are like a checkpoint between your emotions and the world, " writes clinical psychologist Beth Jacobs, Ph. D, in her valuable workbook Writing for Emotional Balance: A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Overwhelming Emotions.

Journaling helps you make sense of your emotions, pinpoint patterns and gain relief. Feb 23, 2016  First, Id like to say that this is a very emotional cathartic experience. Depending on what youre planning to write, the emotions you felt (or how youre currently feeling) will surface.

You will cry, get angry, be happy, but most of all, by the end youll feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Although your letter should be succinct, the most convincing letters are the ones that are incredibly honest.

I find this to be the hardest component of writing a letter: it involves writing about your feelings and vulnerabilities to someone so that you and they can better understand how youve been affected by the situation.

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