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Add the double major information with the following format: Double Major Month Year School, City, State GPA if over 3. 0 The following provides an example: Bachelor of Arts: Double major in Political Science and English Literature March 2012 School Of Thought University, Lost Isles, MA Overall GPA Use the 4. 0 format to signify the Aug 27, 2009  Re: Double major on resume? Post by LawandOrder Tue Aug 25, 2009 7: 31 pm I would list them separately even if you Resume Help For Dual Degree (self.

Accounting) submitted 3 years ago by keenan123 Former Accountant I just graduated from undergrad with a dual degree in accounting and finance, so I technically have two bachelor of science degrees. Sep 22, 2013 I'm doing a double Listing dual major on resume (B. S. Business administration; B. A.

Computer Science) with a music minor and I got a problem when I try to list them on my resume: I try to fit them into one line with sth like Dual Degree: B. S. Business administration; B. A. Computer Science, Minor: Music with Expected 2015 right aligned. Dec 28, 2009 How should one list a double major (not dual degree) on a resume?

Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Math and Economics May 2008 Bachelor of Science, Math and Economics (Double Major) May 2008 Any other suggestions? Question about listing double majorsconcentrations on resumes ariela09 Registered User Posts: 27 New Member June 2012 edited June 2012 in List your double major as a single entry, unless you actually earned two distinct degrees. If you have both a B.

A. and a B. S.for example, you can list them separately. Otherwise, cite both majors under the single degree entry.

1. Single Major 2. Double Major 3. Master and Bachelor from different institutions 4. Master and Bachelor from same institution 5. Two Bachelor Degrees from same institution 6. Transfer students with Associate degree 7. Transfer students with some college hours Additional Content for Education Section 1. Selffinancing or In your case, it sounds as though you are working toward a double major, not a second (dual) degree, and it would be appropriate to list your degree (e.

g.B. S. ) and your two majors Biochemistry and Public Health on your resume, per the guidance of As a double major, can I leave one of my majors off my resume?

What is the correct way to list a contract position on your resume? What is the correct way to write the objectives for a college resume? I have a double major. Major in Business and also Biological SciencePreMed. How do I handle this on my resume? ANSWER: NeeNee I'd just list the 2 majors one after the other under the educational section of your resume.

Something like: XYZ University, Candidate for BA in Business, with majors in IT and Finance, degree expected in May

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