How to write a conceptual paper

Steer away from concepts that have strictly objective definitions. These are not open to interpretation and so will give you precious little to write about.

If there is a dictionary definition for your concept, then do not choose it as the subject for your essay. How can the answer be improved? A conceptual paper addresses a question or a point that cannot be resolved by providing facts. Often, it is a moral question or dilemma that is left to the reader to decipher. A conceptual paper often raises a point and then expands the thought with opinion or debating arguments.

Conceptual Paper Outline. Wayne State College; Abstract. This handout provides a detailed outline of how to write a conceptual academic paper for scholarly journal publication. It is based on How to Write a Concept Paper Sample The five elements needed in a concept paper Funders often ask for a one or twopage concept paper prior to Be impressive while writing the first paragraph and be factual when you move towards writing the body of paper.

Include the sources you have used during the process and do not forget to format the assigned format given; these are few steps you will find in how to write a conceptual paper.

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