How to write and interesting book

There are numerous characteristics on how to write an interesting book: original thinking, a tight structure, balanced arguments, and many more.

But one aspect often overlooked is that a good book should be interesting. It should spark the curiosity of the reader, keep them absorbed, make them want to keep reading and learn more. How can the answer be improved? Aug 26, 2007 Two Methods: Writing Help Writing a Good Book Community Q& A If you really want to write a good book, think you're able to write a good book and are ready to write your heart out, if you love books, this would be for you.

Sep 24, 2009 How to Write an Interesting Story. Three Methods: Sample Stories Writing Your Own Story Getting Inspired Community Q& A. As writers, we all want to draw readers in by writing and creating interesting stories. We want them to" ooh" and" ahh" on how amazing our stories are. Read this article to learn how to achieve this goal.

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