How to write if condition in sapscript

Hello All, Could you please let me know below IF statement is valid or not in SAP Script. : IF val1 'X' OR val2'X' OR val3'X' OR val4 'X' or val5 'X' I'm new to SAPScript, appreciate anyone's advice and suggestion.

Thanks! Asked: January 11, 2007 3: 02 AM Last updated: January 11, 2007 12: 30 PM PGNAM field of the result display contains the Driver Program Name for our SAPscript How can I get the landscape format in SAPscript? In the form go to basic settings you can find a landscape option click on it and at the bottom.

condition1 of IF statement represents a logical condition that evaluates a true or false condition. condition2 shows the second condition specified in the ELSEIF statement, which is executed when the IF statement condition turns out to be false. SAPScript output with first page, multiple 'next' pages and last page. Share this item with your network: Mark Smithson. STEP UP Systems Group LLC. If I write 'next' in this field (for page 'next') then I can get multiple pages to print but of course no last page as nothing is pointing to this page.

A: On the Terms& Conditions page, Change the Page counter mode to 'HOLD' to keep the page counter from incrementing when you print the Term& Conditions. Q: Can I Print a logo on an Invoice? A: Save a Logo using Paintshop Pro or Corel Draw as Tiff file. Use RSTXLDMC to convert the logo to standard text in SapScript. In SAPscript, there are a few ways to print text only on the last page.

The logical approach depends on whether you are using the MAIN window or a secondary window to print the text.

If you are printing this text in the MAIN window, then simply put the words in a text element which prints last. Putting condition in Graphic WIndow in SAPSCRIPT I created 2 Graphic Windows for Company Logos.

Each will appear hide according to the company code. I was planning to put a condition onto the window's code but it seems like it doesn't allow edit mode. Just the blue background. Is it possible to ed Subject: [sapr3dev sapscript: IF statement in sapscript 09 09 Hi all experts, 09 I added two columns into the sapscript, namely Debit and Credit columns.

Previously it only has the Amount column. Currently, i do this in my sapscript. Jan 07, 2013 Re: If Condition for Multiple Or values in scripting Saurabh Pandit Jan 7, 2013 7: 28 AM ( in response to Saurabh Pandit ) Thanks guys for all the replies.

Within the PC editor of SAPscript, you, SAPscript: Extended line format for editor change, SAP Script ABAP Tutorial When changing from the PC editor to the line editor, an additional extended line format (paragraph format ) sometimes appears in the tag column. Using graphics in SapScript Use transaction SE78 to inmport graphics to SAP. In the form painter, you can either include directly to the form using menu EditGraphicCreate or using the INCLUDE statement in a window.

" I am trying to check a field to see if it is less than zero in a SAPSCRIPT and it isn't working right. The statmement is: IF& RF140VZTAS& LT '0' write: xxx ELSE write: yyy ENDIF. The values of R140VZTAS are: 686, 2, 92, 182 Running it in DEBUG it is writing xxx no matter what the value is. SAP SCRIPT CONTROLS. Conditional Text: IF The CASE command Calling ABAP4 Subroutines: PERFORM The form routine that you call with PERFORM may not contain any calls to the function modules of the SAPscript composer API (OPENFORM, WRITEFORM, and so on).

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