Heritage assessment tool essay definition

Heritage Assessment Angel S. Winnie Grand Canyon University: NRS429V May 17, 2013 Heritage Assessment The heritage assessment tool is a checklist used by professionals to gain knowledge of patients culture and beliefs prior to initiating care.

THE HERITAGE ASSESSMENT TOOL: A CULTURAL VIEW OF THE PATIENT The Heritage Assessment Tool: A Cultural View of the Patient Grand Canyon University: 439v March 11, 2012 The Heritage Assessment Tool: A Cultural View of the Patient The Heritage Assessment Tool is a series of 29 questions designed to determine a The Heritage Assessment Tool (HAT), is a check list used by professionals to gain knowledge of patients culture and beliefs prior to initiating care (Spector 2000).

In combination with questions that relate to health beliefs and practices the HAT assessment includes events in their childhood, which contribute to the values, and Heritage Assessment Tool Samantha Rich Grand Canyon University May 21, 2013 The Heritage Assessment Tool (HAT) is a way to asses an individuals ethnic, religious, and cultural heritage as well as health traditions.

The heritage assessment was an important tool in providing a deeper understanding of the families that were interviewed. These families appeared to be from different cultures while also having different backgrounds and beliefs. The tool helps to perform a heritage assessment depending on how deeply the person identify and answers the questions and is helpful in setting the stage for understanding the health traditions of the person. Heritage Assessment.

Heritage Assessment Culture is a pattern of behavior and values shared by an ethnic group. Cultural heritage is a set of traditions within the culture that is hand down from the older generation to the younger generation within the family.

The heritage assessment tool is an important measure towards better understanding of cultural competency, or recognition of diversity. A persons culture, beliefs, heritage, and language have a substantial impact both as a patient and a health care provider within the health care system.

Heritage assessment tool in nursing is an essential component in the field of medicine and health. It is a tool used to assess, maintain and restore individuals culture and beliefs. Heritage assessment tools play a key role of helping health care and service providers assess and evaluate the cultural health methods (Viginia& Catana, 2010).

How can the answer be improved? Heritage Assessment Grand Canyon University October 19, 2013 Heritage Assessment The United States is known as the melting pot, The heritage assessment is developed to assist the healthcare provider cultivate a therapeutic relationship and approach in care. The use of this assessment tool provides an informative approach of care for the multiple cultural backgrounds that a provider may come into contact with.

Heritage Assessment Essay Sample. Identifying common Health Traditions Based on Cultural Heritage. Cultural heritage is the endowment of tangible artifacts and intangible characteristic of a group or society inherited from past generations, preserved in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generation.

Heritage Assessment Essay. Juckett, 2005). It has become very important to understand and respect this various cultural beliefs especially in the healthcare system. All cultures have equal values and are different from one another.

Heritage Assessment is a tool to help us know about one beliefs and the health tradition.

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