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We found 3 great examples of presentation style resumes on Slideshare and wanted to share them with you. Did you know you can make a great resume PowerPoint instead of just a regular one pager? Yep. 3 Great PowerPoint Resumes November 11, Jun 02, 2017  Highly knowledgeable and skilled Powerpoint Specialist has excellent creativity and a sound knowledge base concerning all features of Microsoft Powerpoint software and presentation design.

Has excellent interpersonal and social communication skills and is able to work collaboratively to design great presentations. With over nine These are great examples of how you can make a resume stand out from the 100 other applicants that want the same job as you.

We have created an interactive resume, inspired by the facebook timeline. It is all done in Powerpoint and uses only standard shapes and objects. Resume Template for PowerPoint is a comprehensive template that you can easily download to make awesome resume presentations in PowerPoint. You can create your updated Resume in a PowerPoint presentation and share the PowerPoint with your potential employers.

List of best Powerpoint Resume Templates. Now you got everything you need. Well, almost everything. I explained what is visual resume, why is it better than traditional resume, why you should create PowerPoint resume and not video and I gave you instructions on how to create it and some of the best resumes to give you some Daisy Tallent 4915 Randolph Street Westborough, MA 1581 (333) Job Objective To secure a position as Powerpoint Presenta Contact Experts for FREE resume templates!

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