How to write a broadway show

Great tips Ken. I would also add the show must go on curtain up at 2pm or 8pm so whatever it takes to give the audience a 100 experience is always part of a job description no matter what your job is. How can the answer be improved?

Write a script. Invent compelling characters ranging from heroes to villains to comic relief to narrators. Imagine situations that will challenge these people and decide whether they triumph or fail. Remember that comedy and tragedy are both fair game in a Broadway musical and that the right blend of both is a mark of many acclaimed productions.

Moss Hart once told Alan Jay Lerner that nobody knows the secret to writing a hit musical. . but the secret to writing a flop is" to say yes when you mean no. " Those are the truest words ever spoken about musicals! If every fiber of your being says" Yes! " to a potential project, it improves the odds that others will care about it too. There are several books that provide detailed looks at how great Broadway musicals develop: Altman, Richard and Mervyn Kaufman.

The Making of May 20, 2012  L ast week, not long after the Tony nominations were announced, I stopped by the endofsemester recital of Tischs Graduate Musical Theatre Writing course. Its taught by William Finn, the famously cantankerous writercomposer of Falsettos and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

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