Amount of sixth grade homework

Nov 16, 2015 It's the idea that with each grade of elementary school, a child's average homework per night should increase about 10 minutes, said Cooper, who has researched this trend. Parents can talk to Mar 21, 2007 I had about the same amount of work in 6th grade on a daily basis. You'll be much, much more prepared for high school.

I went to a different high school after middle school and the other kids didn't get as much work. Sixth grade is one of those times when homework can increase dramatically. While two hours of homework is twice the amount that experts recommend for this grade level, look carefully at how your daughter is spending Curious About Homework Load 6Th Grade. Updated on November 04, 2008 I'm meeting with my daughter's teachers today and the big issue I want to ask about is the amount of homework.

My sixth grader seems to spend every available minute doing homework. She does have soccer practice two nights a week, but even on the nights The district plans to use the survey results to reshape homework policies, which currently allow its teachers to assign 10 minutes of homework each day beginning in kindergarten, and increase it by 10 minutes for each grade level, How Much Time Should Be Spent on Homework?

Actually, There is no established right amount of homework, although some boards and schools have homework policies that limit the amount of time depending on the grade. Im in 6th grade and hardly have any homework. If I have any at all, it takes about a minute, and gets

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