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Much of the applied vehicle side impact occupant protection research to date has concentrated on occupants seated beside the struck side of vehicles. These occupants are defined as" nearside occupants". Regulatory side impact test standards focus exclusively on this scenario. Vehicle and Occupant Motion in FarSide Impacts Haight 1 Vehicle and Occupant Motion in FarSide Impacts Sean H.

Haight and Kennerly H. Digges National Crash Analysis Center George Washington University Washington, DC December 2010 ABSTRACT Side impact Research papers far side occupant tests are commonly performed in research as well as VEHICLE FARSIDE IMPACT CRASHES Richard Stolinski Raphael Grzebieta of this paper thus addresses farside occupants where there may be opportunities for improved occupant protection.

Before any countermeasures to problems of farside occupant impacted with, or was impacted by. 1 OCCUPANT PROTECTION IN FAR SIDE CRASHES Brian Fildes, Astrid Linder, Clay Douglas, Monash University Accident Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia Factors Influencing Occupant to Seat Belt Interaction in Far Side Crashes, 51th Proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, pp.October 2007.

In the paper, the test results for injury severity for near and far side occupants were compared as well as the kinematic behavior of dummy motions. New assessment criteria for far side occupant in side impact was proposed Side Impact Injury Risk for Belted Far Side Passenger Vehicle Occupants Hampton C. Gabler Virginia Tech The paper evaluates the risk of far side impact injury as a function of struck body type, collision partner, deltaV, crash direction (PDOF), A far side occupant was A Study to Address the Failure Mechanism of the Conventional 3Point Restraint in Protecting the Far Side Occupant in a Rollover Accident Occupant motion in a vehicle rollover accident is a function of many factors.

Occupants exposed to farside crashes are those seated on the side of the vehicle opposite the struck side. This study uses the NASSCDS to determine distributions of AIS 3 injuries among occupants exposed to farside crashes and the sources of the injuries.

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