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Throughout this essay, the structure will be first about discussion of Fayol and Mintzberg theories in management, then, their comparison and contrast relating functional and process approaches in describing managerial tasks and ultimately the assumption section The objective of this essay is to identify and provide evidences of the Mintzbergs 10 Managerial Roles Apr 15th, 2008 by MAW editor Management expert Professor Henry Mintzberg has argued that a managers work 6.

1 The three levels of management in an organization are FirstLine Managers, Middle Managers and Top Managers. 6. 2 Three primary tasks of Firstline managers include responsibility for the production of goods or delivery of services, supervision of employees in their everyday tasks and leading employees who do the actual work.

Mintzbergs 10 managerial roles Among Mintzbergs 10 managerial roles, acting as a figurehead and liaison are examples of roles.

(a) interpersonal (b) informational (c) decisional (d) conceptual In the real world, these roles overlap and a manager must learn to balance them in order to manage effectively. While a managers work can be analyzed by these individual roles, in practice they are intermixed and interdependent.

10 Managerial Roles by Henry Mintzberg Dr. Henry Mintzberg a prominent management researcher conducted a researcher to find out what are really manager duties or responsibilities. In 1916 Henri Fayol was first to give a definition of the manager.

The categories he defined are interpersonal roles, information processing roles, and decision roles (ProvenModels Ten Managerial Roles). The first set of roles Mintzberg described is interpersonal roles. The first interpersonal role is a figurehead. A figurehead is a symbol of his company and performs social, inspirational, and ceremonial duties. In brief, Mintzbergs management roles is categorized in three groups which are interpersonal roles, informational roles, and decisional roles.

Besides Mintzbergs management roles, in real life manager should apply other skills and theories to be more effective and efficient. Consequently, in this essay, most of the discussions are related to Mintzbergs Mintzberg 10 managerial roles essay writing Roles. Mintzbergs Ten Management Roles (1973) were specified into three categories: interpersonal roles (figurehead, leader, liaison); informational roles (monitor, disseminator, spokesperson); and decisional roles (entrepreneur, handler, allocator and negotiator).

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