Historical persona essay rubric for middle school

History Essay Rubric 100 Points Possible A Excellent B Good C Fair D Poor F Introduction. Setting. Thesis Statement. Road Map. 3 clear map pointssubtopics Introduction places the essay in specific time and place, begins with a broad opening statement, has a clear, accurate, and analytical thesis and a.

3 Student Friendly Rubrics for Social Studies High School Gateway Assessment Domain 3: Organization of Social Studies Concepts: How well you organized your ideas. 5 All parts of your organizational plan were effective and appropriate. Rubric for Assessment of the Personal Essay (maximum of 15 points for each essay) 3. 2. 1. 0. INTRODUCTION BackgroundHistory Thesis Statement CONCLUSION. Welldeveloped introduction engages the reader and creates interest.

Contains detailed background information. The following rubric describes levels of competence in completing an essay on a history exam or homework assignment other than a research paper. Levels correspond roughly to letter grades (4 A, 1 F), although criteria will vary somewhat depending upon the nature and level of the class. MARTIN LUTHER KING UNIT FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL. by. JAY LUTTON. writing a thesis and using the APE form to structure a 5 paragraph essay. Rubric, assignment description and graphic organizers included.

This rubric can be used to efficiently grade a student's project on an individual throughout history. This rubric can also be This rubric delineates specific expectations about an essay assignment to students and provides a means of assessing completed student essays. Analyzing Famous Speeches as Arguments. Next distribute Queen Elizabeths speech to the troops at Tilbury and use the speech and its historical context as a model for the processes students will use on the speech they select.

Share the Essay Rubric and explain to students the expectations for success on this assignment. Rubric for Historical Fiction (letters, journals, and newspaper articles) Criteria Excellent 5 Good 4 Close 3 Needs Improvement 2 Poor Effort 1 NA 0 Historical Persona Essay (Part 1) Research CC A10.

4 (a, d, g) A historical persona essay is an essay about a person, who in this case, has done something significant and has overcome a challenge in their life. Although you will be writing about a

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