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Jun 08, 2009  Should You DummyDown Your Resume? By Deb Kloeppel, President and CEO, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network. As a career management professional, I am often asked the question, Should I dummydown my resume when looking for a job during this difficult economic time? In a way, your resume echoes across all areas of your life. If you're willing to diminish yourself and dim your flame to get a lowlevel job that will bore you to tears, it is time to look in the mirror and say, " Well, I know something important.

But is reworking your resume in this manner a wise thing to do? Employment experts weigh in with their advice. Special circumstances can warrant it.

Tracy Parish, a certified professional resume writer and president of resumewriting firm CareerPlan in Kewanee, Illinois, has encountered situations when dumbing down the resume can work. Jul 23, 2015 You have nothing to apologize for, and anybody who wants you to dumb down your resume cannot help you grow your flame! Shoot higher Corinne, and reach out to CROs and Sales VPs who are suffering from the expensive Dummy down your resume that results when key accounts are left to languish.

The practice is called dumbing down your resume. Since a resume is all about marketing your skills and experience to land a job interview, dumbing down the extensive experience in your resume might help you over that important hurdle.

Nov 15, 2010 Anybody in their right mind will dumb down their resume and do whatever that person has to do to survive. These employers do Dummy down your resume same thing on their own end.

They fire and hire at will, demote and do many other things that end up screwing up the lives of hardworking and loyal folk. Of course, when it comes to your resume, thats a completely different story. The whole point of this document is for someone outside of your current company to understand what you do.

That means youll occasionally need to tone down some of your technical speak in order to get your foot in the door. Here are three such instances: 1. Maybe not necessarily" dumb down"but" adjust" is the word. You need to adjust your resume to each position you're applying to.

Have you ever considered submitting an infographic resume? That way you could emphasize related skills& experience according to the job you're applying to. Should You Dumb Down Your Resume? If you constantly hear the words youre overqualified from potential employers, it might be time to make some adjustments on your resume. Were not talking about denying your expertise or years of experience on paper just some strategic editing so that your resume doesnt shout Im Old And Im

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