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The Russian Ruble Crisis of 1998 is termed as among the worst financial crisis to hit the Russian economy. The Crisis is believed to have been triggered by a number of factors.

The Asian financial crisis of 1997 is a major cause of the crisis as it led to declines in the world commodity prices (Owyang, & Chiodo 2002, p. 7). The present currency system in India (i. e.after World War II) is managed by the Reserve Bank of India and is based on inconvertible paper currency system.

It has two aspects: (a) internal aspect, and (b) external aspect. The internal aspect deals with the circulation of coins and currency notes Jan 13, 2018 It is also worth mentioning that for any currency to be effective, it needs to have some value. In the traditional system, gold is represented by the US dollar. Gold is a rare resource and requires much effort to obtain and then refine it.

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90page. order now. Lets us consider a scenario when a home currency say Aussie appreciates, what this means is that the price of Aussie has risen in the foreign exchange market. People willing to acquire Aussie Ukraine is one of the biggest European states (603, 700 square kilometers). Ukraine has common borders with seven countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Russia, and Byelorussia), and the Black and Azov Seas are on its southern border.

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