How to write baby shower thanks yous

Sep 25, 2012  Thank you so much for coming to my shower, it meant so much to me for you to be there. Thank you for the (gift) for Baby Girl! We look forward to using it for (xyz), and we are so excited for her to meet you!

Love, Shaz& Mr. Shaz. If it was an extra special gift, or the persona traveled a distance to come, I made an extra special Baby Gift Thank You Notes. Dear Melissa, I just love the adorable blanket and doggie rattle you gave me at the shower. You have a knack for finding the cutest things. I can't wait to wrap up my little one in the blanket and I know she'll get a kick out of the shaking. It was great to see you, as always! Thanks for helping make my shower so special. Since this is a Baby Shower thank you card, there are more than one thank yous to be said: one thank you for attending the shower (or thinking of you if she couldnt come) and another thanks for the gift.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording For Close Friends Most of your baby shower attendees will be close to you which makes writing your messages that much easier. Keep things simple and sincere and use your relationship to guide your message. Return to Baby Shower Thank You Notes Tips Return to Top of Baby Shower Thank You Notes Wording. Baby Bottles Dear [Name, Thank you for the baby bottles. Your thoughtful gift will be remembered at all hours of the day and night when little [insert baby's name or, if not selected yet, something generic like" little one" gets hungry.

Use our words of thanks to inspire you as you sit down to write out all of your baby shower thank you cards. Those who you should thank include: baby shower planners and hostesses, each of your guests, friends and family who sent baby gifts by mail, and friends and neighbors who loaned out party and serving items for your event.

What better way to thank your baby shower attendees than with a card? At PAPYRUS weve got you covered with ideas for what to write in a baby shower thank you card.

Motherhood itselfwhether its your first child or your thirdis tiring and overwhelming. Your loved ones came together to throw you a baby shower, and now you want to

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